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Chroma was founded in September, 1995, with the main aim of developing Quality Control equipment having computerized controlling systems.

In India, very few companies have developed products which have enhanced and simplified the work of the material scientist in his laboratory.

The main aim of our company is to develop customised Image Processing Workstations and connect them to the existing optical systems so as to simplify the work procedures and at the same time remove the discrepancies which might arise due to conventional manual checking methods.

Chroma was the first company in India to commercially develop Image Processing Software meant specifically for the Heavy Engineering Industry.

Our long term association with the computer and microscopy technology demonstrates our commitment to both our customers and our products. Because we have concentrated on the fusion of computers and material sciences, our software solutions are by far the best answer to the specific needs of quality conscious organizations.

Our development team consists of engineers having experiences in the field of Computers, Mechanical, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering.

Being developers, we are always open to localization of the software. Localization of the software for easy and efficient use can be discussed. We have already developed and installed software for some German, Russian, American and Japanese standards for metallurgical testing.
We have received 6 prestigious awards for technology development from esteemed organizations like the Confederation of Indian Industries and the WISITEX Foundation.

We have presented numerous research papers on the advancements of Image Processing Techniques in the Metallurgy field. Our latest paper was titled "Thresholding techniques in Phase Analysis" presented at " National conference on latest advances in Metallography " organized by ASM.
The calibration of all workstations are carried out using scales traceable to National Standards.
All the equipment's are backed up with one year free service.
Service contracts are offered to keep the equipment's trouble free after one year of operation.
Free lifetime telephonic support is provided to all the customers during regular office timings.

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