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Image Analysis Software Image FLO Ver.6.2 developed by Chroma Systems Pvt. Ltd., Poona.  
Computer System PC 2.4 GHz Intel CPU with MMX, 256MB EDO RAM, 512 Kb Cache memory, 3.5” FDD, 40 GB HDD, 17” colour monitor, 52 x CD ROM, 2 Serial and 1 parallel ports, Microsoft mouse Windows NT preinstalled. Image analysis consumes a lot of memory. Specially for inclusion ratings. Larger memory should help in speeding the process.
Printer HP 930C dpi colour o/p on inkjet.  
High resolution camera > 460 TV line resolution colour CCD camera or optional > 550 line B&W CCD camera For metallography >550 lines is required only for academic research. For analysis and documentation 350 to 550 TV line resolution is sufficient
Image Acquisation Interface High resolution PCI Frame grabber card capable of taking 2 composite colour / B&W video inputs and 1 S video input (software selectable). This card can also accept the video inputs from SEM directly 3 inputs are adequate
Off-line and LAN capability

Image FLO general purpose image processing, enhancement and analysis can work off-line and on a LAN. All the customized modules work on line and deliver the report along with images, tables and graphs for the particular task in a matter of minutes.

The report generation is coded into the software and is automatic and therefore extremely fast.

Most of the work is done on-line. I.e. the specimen is polished, scanned and image analysis is performed for the report to be generated. Rarely is it necessary for images to be captured and then later analysed.
This adds the overhead of saving and opening the images and combining the data into a report manually.
System image and calculation resolution Image FLO general purpose package accepts images with 8 and 24 bit resolution. All calculations are with 32 bit precision Higher precision consumes processor cycles and memory. Intel PC architecture is only 32 bit. You need an additional processor card for performing 64 bit calculations or a third party library which will slow down the calculations immensely. This high precision is not required as even the first moon landing was performed with 12 bit precision!
Is the software dedicated only for metallurgy and what are its features

Dedicated only for metallography and the generation of user predefined customised report formats. All functions are performed on the images in sequence to get the result as per relevant ASTM/ DIN/ BIS/ IS / JIS standards. No manual reporting is required and this makes the software very user friendly for the metallurgist.

Macro Photography of Macro Etched specimens for Failure Analysis

Grain Size as per ASTM E 1382 / 112 (Intercept and Area Methods ), Inclusion Analysis software as per ASTM E 45 Method A/ 1245 / 1122, Volume Fraction as per ASTM 562,
Banding and orientation of microstructures as per ASTM 1268, Graphite (gray and nodular ) analysis as per ASTM A 247, Decarb Depth, Plating thickness (multiple coatings).

Also user required analysis if it is not there already in our list.

All software has stage automation modules built into them.

Packages which are general purpose will have to be configured by the metallurgist. Thirequires a knowledge of image processing and analysis. All functions will have to be implemented in a macro form which is like a programming language like BASIC and then debugged before results are obtained. The raw data that is obtained has then to be interpreted in terms of the ASTM or relevant standards. Complicated analysis and report generation like inclusion rating as per ASTM E 45 / 1245 cannot be undertaken. Thereby undermining the utility of the Image Analyser. Ð
Installation and Software support

Free telephonic, e-mail and fax support is given for three years irrespective of service contract. We have installations in Northern, Western and South India (see user list) We have successfully supported our installations for the last four years. We are based in Pune and we have our team of software engineers and developers who can suggest quick solutions to image analysis problems.

We also keep an inventory of cameras and frame grabber cards (which are also required for giving live demonstrations and R&D) which can be quickly shipped and installed in your laboratory in the unlikely event that one of the units needs repairs.

Is the calibration of the system traceable to the national standard Yes our system is calibrated using stage micrometers traceable to the national standard at NPL. Calibration of a system is necessary for ISO certification.
Joint projects with acedemic institutions and industrial organizations We have completed projects with NCL, IISc, Pune university, REC Warangal, IIT Powai, BARC, Mumbai and others in industry including L&T Switchgear division, Thermax Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra (Tractor div),, Bharat Forge, Morris Electronics to name a few. We have also worked in medical imaging for histology, genetics with Sassoon, KEM etc.  

One calendar year on the complete workstations from the date of supply

3 years free technical telephonic support irrespective of Gurantee

User List Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur
Hero Honda Motors Ltd., Delhi
Mahindra Tractors, Mumbai
Eicher Tractors, Bhopal
Bharat Forge Limited., Pune
DGP-Jinoday Limited., Pune
Regional Research Laboratory, Trivendrum
Jindal Strips Ltd., Vasind
Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Kolar Gold Fields
Sunbeam Castings, Gurgaon
Regional Center for Military Airworthiness, Hyderabad
IIT Powai, Mumbai
Centre for Genetic Health Care, Mumbai
IIT, Delhi
R&D facilities Chroma Systems Pvt. Ltd. has upto the date R&D facilities due to its tie up with Biotech Laboratories, Pune (estd. 1956) for all image analysis related activities. We have developed customised modules for analysis of martensite variation in crankshafts from skin to the core, particle size analysis of alumina size 0.2 – 1 µ, Strain Analysis of sheet metal due to bending, Karyotyping of chromosomes for gene studies, percentage weight distribution of epoxy balls used in water purification, Flexure of components using shearing interferometry, Study of air water interface with Brewster angle microscopy.  
Upgrades One upgrade free of cost  

Please note that an Image Analyser is a very fast, efficient and accurate tool with the help of which a metallurgist can view, scan, analyse, document and generate reports for the sample being analysed.

This has a parallel to mechanical engineer using a Micrometer to take accurate and efficient measurements instead of a standard wooden scale. But, just as the Micrometer does not measure without the engineer being present, an Image Analyser will not give results unless the operator is technically qualified in the field of Metallurgy. In short, an Image Analyser, CANNOT REPLACE A METALLURGIST.

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