MVIG 2005

The conventional method of testing a particular sample is to keep the prepared sample under the microscope, view the sample and compare it with the standard charts. But in this method the accuracy of results are totally dependant on the judgement and experience of the metallurgist. Since this method is subjective to the experience and the extent of the person’s perceiving ability to take any decision regarding the specimen’s microstructures, chances are that two metallurgists viewing the same specimen may not agree. Such disputes are a common occurrence between buyer - seller due to the subjective nature of metallurgical analysis. Image analysis with the help of computers is a solution to such problems.

To eliminate the mismatch and to find accurate results, one must be able to measure the various parameters of the sample by some analytical means.

One way of doing, is to take the photograph of the sample and enlarge it. Place a graph on the enlarged photo and measure the required parameters like length, width, area, perimeter, etc. and calculate the required parameter/result. This will require dark room facilities and takes lot of time and increases operator fatigue. For example to find out phase analysis of a sample, about say five photographs have to be taken at different fields on the sample, get enlarged then one by one place the graph on each photograph. Manually calculate parameters in each photograph, put the parameters in the formulas and find the final result. Then enter the results in the word type standard software, take a print output and the stick the photograph of the on the output. This procedure requires more than one day to analyse one sample.

The other method is to use MVIG 2005 – an Image Analysis Workstation developed for Metallurgical analysis. The workstation will automatically grab the image of the sample at various fields and calculate results directly. The printout of the image of the specimen along with the results can be received within minutes through on a laser printer. The results along with images can be easily stored in the memory devices like the hard disk or floppy disks. Dark room facility for the photographs is not required. Hundreds of samples in a day can be tested accurately. Also note that the results can be made pertaining to the any standard for example ASTM(American std.), DIN(German std.), JIS (Japanese std.) etc. as per customers requirement.

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