Microhardness Testers
Excellence in Design Awards by Business World and the National Institute of Design

Recently, Business World and the National Institute of Design concluded the Excellence in Design Awards, 2005 in Delhi. In the Industrial Products category, our Microhardness Tester was nominated amongst the final three, along with products from L&T and Wipro.

Our 'Die Hard Microhardness Tester' was awarded Best Industrial Machine Design for 2005!
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Chroma is the only developer of Micro Hardness Testers in India. We have a range of models, having features like digital display of hardness, auto turret, motorized X-Y stage, automated indentations and measurements, reporting as per ASTM E384 and many more..

Customers have a choice of three different models: 

Due to our experience in the development of Micro Hardness Testers, we have recently launched an :

Microhardness Testers Microhardness Testers Microhardness Testers
Chroma systems are the only developers of Micro hardness Testers in India.

Customers have a choice of three different models :

  • DH-50: Entry level Semi automatic model, Hardness value from look up table
  • DHR-1000: Semi Automatic model with Micro Hardness result Digital Display on the instrument
  • DHV 3000: Fully Automatic, motorized X-Y stage, computer interface for auto measurement and reporting

DHR 1000 DHV 3000
Loading Range 50 -1000 gms 50 ( 20 optional ) – 2000 gms 20 ( 5 optional )-3000 gms
Filar Micrometer ( Eyepiece ) Thimble Digital Thimble Digital Thimble
X-Y Stage Micrometer Thimble Digital Thimble Motorised XY
Optics 20x, 40x 20x, 40x 20x, 40x optional
Loading ( Indenting ) Auto – Button Push Auto – Button Push Auto / PC Control
Weight Changing

Manual knob

Manual knob Manual knob
Indentor Type Vickers Vickers Vickers / Knoop
Hardness Display


Upgrade to DHV 3000


Yes Yes
Auto focus - - Optional extra
Imaging for diagonal measurement - - Yes
Test Block


- One test block
Computer + Printer - - Yes
Image Analysis compatible A/D card - - Yes
Image Analysis library - - Yes
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DHV 3000, another workstation developed by us, encompasses a Micro Hardness Tester with automated computer controlled X-Y stage, automated indentations and measurements.

Excellent Optical System:
Objectives of 10x or 20x & 45x /R optically coated for measurements * 10x eyepiece micrometer for manual visual measurements. * Separate visual and camera ports. * Centered optical system for positional accuracy in phase indentations. * Parfocal optical system * Halogen lamp special Illumination provides for optimal contrast. * Illumination. Adjustable and variable intensity of illumination with filter pockets. * )Filters for monochromatic observations and measurements *

Automated Indentations:
Automatic Indentation with pre-selectable dwell period (10 to 55s) * Loading range 10g(f) to 3000 g(f) (Other ranges available on request)

Automated Measurements:
High resolution CCD camera interfaced to a Pentium Processor * Real time display of specimen surface on the Computer Colour VGA Monitor. * Selectable Magnification options with different plate scales * Least count of automatic measurement 0.15µ or better as area is computed.

Automated computer controlled motorized X-Y Stage:
Traverses possible in programmable pre selectable steps of 10µ (or multiples of 10µ) on both the axes. * Large stage area 135 mm X 135 mm. * Traverse length 20 mm. on X and Y axes. * Manual over-ride Stage movement control possible with the Computer keyboard. * Leveling Vice for tilted specimens. Special component holders available on request. * Stable base plate with leveling screws.

You can check the report generated by the DHV 3000

Report Screen

Report Screen
Micro Hardness Analysis (Image at X 0.50, Y 0.00)

Micro Hardness Analysis (Image at X 0.50, Y 0.00)
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Due to our experience in the development of Micro Hardness Testers, we have recently upgraded users existing IMPORTED MHT’s with our motorized stage and imaging attachments.

This has been very well accepted by the industry for the following benefits:

  • Auto movement of Stage: The motorized stage provides a very good positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • Auto Measure: A CCD camera is used to transfer the image of the indenttion from the MHT to the computer. The software is able to measure the diagonals very accurately.
  • Comprehensive reporting: A MS Word report is generated by the software, which contains the traverse information, along with respective hardnesses, hardness variation graph, and case depth calculation

We can add either of the following:

  • A Motorised stage ( replace the existing stage )
  • CCD camera, Frame grabber card, software

to help automate the process of Micro Hardness testing.

Some of the customers where we have carried out such upgradations are Sona Okigawa, GKN Driveline, Delphi TVS, Hitech Gears, Hero Honda etc.

Please contact us with the make and model number of your Tester and we can discuss the upgradation in detail OR for a separate brochure on our range of Micro Hardness Testers.

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