Machine Vision Systems 

By taking advantage of Imaging and Motion Control Technologies developed for our Image Analysers and Automatic Micro Hardness Testers, we have recently developed and installed systems for to solve machine vision requirements.

Machine Vision Systems are used wherever there is a need for fast, acurate and non-contract inspection and measurement.

The workstation comprises of a high precision XYZ stage assembly, integral illumination, a high resolution video system and Image Flo software for measurements and documentation.

These systems are available in a variety of configurations-manual, semi automatic and automatic- with varies features to suit your needs and budget.

Using such visual inspection systems, you can document, print and measure production / prototype / failed components and take the measurements of feature like:

  • Length
  • Breadth
  • Angle , Arc
  • Diameters and Radius
  • Area
  • Any other features / color
  • Missing parts

This system will do real time online inspection and give a GO / NO GO audio/visual signal.
All images can be exported to MS WORD and you can prepare reports, to be printed on your letterheads.

Part of the crank case back illuminated

Image of a Crank Case showing the machined surface

The same image thresholded and inverted. This image is then analysed to check for throughness of the holes and their normal diameter.

This is an oblique image for detecting the tapping operation

Same image has been thresholded to separate out the machined surface from the above image. It is then processed to see if the machined surface has any blow holes/deep dent marks if the surface is unclean. The red arrows point to the dent marks and blow holes on the surface.

This is the analysed data in tabular form. This data is matched against a master database to check if all holes show throughness and their correct diameter.

Object # Area Shape Factor X Centroid Y Centroid X Intercept Y Intercept
1 481 0.974178 345.230774 30.137215 24 25
2 7440 0.915521 249.470428 116.507927 96 98
3 1843 0.441268 369.756378 147.971237 41 94
4 1842 0.936735 313.132996 264.433777 48 49
5 914 0.943629 193.915756 268.085327 33 35
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  • Pin hole detection on sheet metal
  • Diameter control of pipes
  • Concentricity testing for gears, pictons etc.
  • Dynamic measurement of moving objects (Width and position measurement)
  • Measurement of wooden boards, Surface inspection of various wooden parts, wooden laminate etc.
  • Surface inspection of glasses, uniformity in reflectivity of mirrors.
  • Surface and Width measurement of plastic sheets, paper, steel, PVC foils etc.
  • Scanning of ceramic substrates
  • Detection of coating faults on pre-coated sheets
  • 3D scanner for piping measurement, springs etc.
  • Web inspection
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